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The Bible is hard to read for many people for many reasons – its length, strange vocabulary, confusing stories. In spite of that, the Bible is a beautifully designed book. It is a unified story that leads to Jesus and has profound wisdom for us in this modern world. God loves to speak to people through his word – sometimes with jaw-dropping revelations and other times simple reminders of His love for us. You’ll soon find that once you make simple bible journaling a habit, it will become an integral part of your relationship with God!

Read one of the chapters of the day, underlining or highlighting anything that stands out to you. From one word or phrase to a couple of verses. .
Briefly write what you believe these things meant to the original ‘audience’. .
Write down what you believe these truths mean for you, and what you need to do about it.
Now write a prayer that applies what you’ve just discovered to your life. .


If you don’t get anything specific from the chapter, stand back and look at the ‘big picture’ of what the chapter is teaching, then try to apply the principles revealed in the chapter.
Don’t just look for ‘good teachings’. Treat this as personal interaction with the Lord, and do your best to respond obediently to what you feel the Holy Spirit is saying to you.


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