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Heart For The House is our annual free-will offering toward the expansion of our facilities and footprint in our community. This over and above offering helps extend our reach and expand our influence locally, nationally, and globally.


Over the last two years we’ve been so encouraged by the unrelenting faithfulness of those who call New Hope home, in spite of the unusual season! 

And as we approach our “Heart for the House” season and giving toward future facilities, our prayer is that our collective devotion and generosity will again be a stake in the ground towards the vision for New Hope becoming a wholistic Hub for Humanity.

This year in Toowoomba we are building on the foundation of last year, with the goal of completing our carpark on this side of Peace Street, and further progressing toward the completion of a childcare centre. We are also moving toward commercialisation of our facilities. This strategy is to generate an income stream that supports both further development and a continuous stream of missions resource. 

The expansion of our facilities in recent years has broadened our reach into the community at large, and that translates to more stories of significant life change and blessing!

We’ve seen so many testimonies that are a direct result of God using the gifts, talents and contributions of New Hope people in previous years.  As we look to the future this year, Pastor Sue and I invite you to lean into our Heart For The House season, and prayerfully consider how God might use your generosity to further empower mission through our building strategy. 

Let’s sow in faith, and believe for a harvest both as a church collectively, and personally as individuals and families this year!


– Chris and Sue Mulhare

Senior Pastors