Expanding your own heart through generosity and making a lasting difference in someone elses world.

Tithing is the foundation of giving.

The Bible teaches us a baseline for giving: the tithe. When you give the first 10% of your income to God’s house, you put Him first in your life and create opportunity for others to experience Him. Tithing is an act of worship that expresses your gratitude, faith, and love for others.

Offerings go over and above.

When you give above the tithe you spark something powerful in your life. It’s no secret that God loves a cheerful giver. You can choose to designate your giving as general offering, or put it toward a specific ministry of the church such as our community care programs or building fund.



Use the form below to give via credit card or to get an email with our bank details to setup a transfer.

In person

At our Toowoomba office during the week.

Over the Phone

Anytime during business hours, by calling our Toowoomba office with your card details.

Thank you for sowing into the lives of others.

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