Community Care


New Hope Community Care’s heart is to bring God’s love to people in our community, in a practical way that empowers their future! We have a vision to create a culture of “roads in, and roads out”; to create roads leading into opportunities to experience all God has for people, and to create roads out into the local community, opening doors for our people to practically empower our world.

  • We have a heart to engage with and empower the people in our local community through partnering with local organisations.
  • We have partnered with YouBelong Australia, helping provide opportunities to build community and learn new skills with our latest Toowoomba locals in the refugee community, through Welcome Picnics and English Classes.
  • We help provide on-arrival food support to new families seeking refuge from overseas, partnering with Multicultural Australia to deliver this.
  • Working with initiatives such as Loads of Love, we’re able to support people in need.
  • We partner with many local schools to empower staff and students through a number of avenues.
  • Our goal is to see young people have a win and experience the best through their time at school, setting them up for their future.
  • We am to build quality relationships with and develop lifelong skills in young people through regular mentoring programs.
  • We supporting Chaplains in their role in schools.
  • We support young people in need through empowering Breakfast Clubs and lunchtime sandwich programs.
  • Thrive Playgroup is a community playgroup, with the goal of building great relationships in our local families.
  • If you’ve got children below school-age, we’d love to meet and welcome you to our supportingwelcoming environment!
  • Thrive Playgroup runs every Wednesday through school terms, from 10am to 12pm. A gold coin donation helps provide morning tea for everyone.
  • We aim to support local people in their time of need in practical ways.
  • Our goal is to empower people to have a long-term win in their situation.
  • To book an appointment, call our office. Appointments are available on Fridays.

Like our Missions mantra, there are three ways that you can get involved.



We would love and encourage you to be praying over the opportunities we have in our local community, for our people who are involved in these areas, and for the people we’re impacting.


If you would like to empower what we’re doing in our local community in a practical way, consider giving towards New Hope Community Care. We are extremely appreciate of any and all giving we receive, and every bit contributes towards building and empowering our local community. For more details, please contact our office, and all donations are tax deductible.

Go (Or Volunteer!)

If you’d like to get involved with what we do in New Hope Community Care, we’d love to welcome you to the team! There’s a number of different areas you can be a part of – from mentoring young school children and helping them develop lifelong skills, building relationship and community with Toowoomba’s newest residents, through to making sandwiches for kids in need – there’s a place for you on the team! Contact us using the form below for more information!