How we can change our perspective on pain to transform ourselves into newer and better people rather than shrinking back.
A look at how we form our thoughts and actions, and how we can build a healthy base for our thinking which will result in quality decisions.
Learning how to receive Gods forgiveness which enables us to live a life free of the burden and weight of holding unforgiveness in our hearts.
The difference having good friends makes,some indicators we can use to figure out which friends are going to be lifelong, and how we can be a great friend and build…
The difference that carrying a teachable spirit makes to the span of our life. A look at different places we can learn from and ways to stay teachable.
An interview with Beguens Theus - former sponsor child of Compassion International. All about realising your dreams and holding onto the promise that God speaks over your life until you…
3 things about faith that will liberate you and give you a fresh perspective on having faith.
How to go from questioning why life isnt working to taking steps that pull us into a better life.
The way that we should approach our finances and how God uses money to create a generous heart within us.

Find Your Happy Place

May 21, 2018
So much of what we face in life has a negative slant, and so in this message we look at how we can shape our lives around the good things…

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