SUnday messages

Recorded live from our Sunday Services at our Toowoomba Campus

Whose Life Is This Anyway

September 23, 2019
The great battle of our will vs Gods will, and how we can discern when we have complicated Gods will and get back to hearing and following him clearly.

Whose Will Be Done

September 23, 2019
Kicking off the Set For Life series, we look at our heart and how getting our hearts in the right position sets us up for many other wins in life.

Trust The Architect

September 16, 2019
God is the father who always wants to give the best for his children - so this gives us great hope in trusting him with our lives, future and every…

Permit Heaven On Earth

September 16, 2019
How each of us can live our lives in a way that brings heaven on earth!

The Mystery Of The Church

September 16, 2019
Breaking some misconceptions about how we view church, and what that means for us to be able to BE the church to one another and to the communities we're part…

Don’t Ever Play Yourself

September 9, 2019
There is our wildest dreams for our lives, and then there is Gods perspective which sees potential far beyond what we can perceive. In this message we look at what…

Invest in the Best

September 9, 2019
An encouraging look at what Jesus does through the local church, and what our lives can look like when we really begin to invest in the best - the local…

The Experience of Fatherhood

September 1, 2019
A multi-generational look at what children do for a father, and how each of us can take these lessons to live bigger.

Grabbing The Future

August 30, 2019

Yeah… But

August 26, 2019
A big picture look at the first half of Romans, and how no matter what we've been through, nothing can separate us from Gods love.

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