SUnday messages

Recorded live from our Sunday Services at our Toowoomba Campus

How we can change our mood and the full outlook of our life when we take control of our perspective.
The importance of keeping our focus on what we get out of the journey of life, rather than simply thinking about the destination.
The characteristics of children to hold on to if we want to walk and live in everything God has for us.
How each of us can grow up in many areas of life to begin living in a way that ultimately will benefit our future.
The importance of choosing to sow into areas of our life that will allow us to live reaping the blessings in the future.
What pride threatens to do to our future and how we can deal with it to avoid it's pitfalls.
How we can all play our unique part in turning Gods house into a place where people from all walks of life can call home.
How we can get better at doing life with others - something that we can often undervalue!
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