Some of the raw ingredients that we need to grow, and what to do with them to see our lives grow!

Living Unafraid

April 9, 2018
How we can learn to live fully at peace not unsettled by the unknown.

Love Does

April 2, 2018
Three attitudes of love we can embody to put love into action and see people be impacted in a way not replicable any other way.

The Easter Declaration

April 2, 2018
Three things that Easter and resurrection mean for us, and the power of declaring them over our lives.

Mustard Seed Faith

March 26, 2018
Steve's journey of seeing faith unlock miracles and four simple steps to increasing faith.
What to do when you’re feeling faint hearted to strengthen your heart to prepare for the shift that God wants to make in your life.

God Shifts

March 26, 2018
The monumental shift God creates that changes the rules of the game and how we can prepare ourselves to play our part in a God shift.
The link between our personal awareness and our emotional intelligence - and how to become more aware of ourselves and our current state.
How Jesus dealt with situations under pressure, and how that reveals a level of emotional intelligence that we can all follow.

Lessons From The Sequoia

March 12, 2018
A few things the sequoia tree can teach us about seasons and how to do them well.

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