SUnday messages

Recorded live from our Sunday Services at our Toowoomba Campus

Original Wounds

September 10, 2018
Areas of our thinking we need to win in order to sufficiently love ourselves and love others, and how to deal with the sabotaging nature of unhealed wounds from our…

Shake It Off

September 10, 2018
How we can shake off the things of our past and who we once were - and use those experiences to bring healing and wholeness to others.

Everyone Has A Story

September 10, 2018
A very personal look at what it means to trust God with everything you have.

Taming Your Inner Assassin

September 3, 2018
A message all about our inner assassin - a deadly weapon that can either bring life or bring destruction for our future... And what we can do to tame it!

Strength In Diversity

September 3, 2018
Qualities of a father that are necessary in our lives - both to recieve and to give!


August 27, 2018
The two essential ingredients to credibility - and how we can cultivate it in our own lives, and recognise it to determine the right people that we should keep in…


August 27, 2018
How we can find out the deepest desires of our heart, and then bring them to God to see him fulfil them and go beyond what we might have ever…
How to develop a strong desire in our hearts for wisdom - and where Proverbs says we can find wisdom.
Changing the way we view God's presence, and the importance of running to Him.
How to put a harness on your attitude to shape your personality and spirituality, and alter the whole experience of your life!
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