How the temptation of Jesus reveals qualities of emotional intelligence that allow us to push through hard times.

We Didn’t Do This

March 5, 2018
How we can put our lives in the hands of God to build a future for us that we could never have dreamed or created ourselves.
Part 6 of recognising our own emotional status and how to respond to those emotions wholeheartedly!
Three very practical things we can change about our environment to boost our emotional quotient.

The End of Hostility

February 21, 2018
The importance Jesus places on being peacemakers, and how we can extinguish hostility around us and show peace to others.
ow we can take our eyes off of great experiences, and move ourselves into action to be witnesses to all people and serve our world.

My Deliverance

February 19, 2018
A look at Pauls resolve for his actions, heart and demeanour - and how we can transform any situation by taking responsibility for the same things in our life.

No Grumbling

February 19, 2018
How our lives can shine through some very simple mindset changes we can make right away.


February 19, 2018
How resurrection fundamentally changes the way we think about everything, bringing new life that is completely redeemed of yesterdays troubles.

Free Man

February 18, 2018
How freedom can transform our lives further than forgiveness alone by making choices with permanence and wisdom.

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