A fresh look at baptism and what it means for each person willing to take that step of faith.

Unconditional Love

May 14, 2018
Traits of unconditional love that we find in mothers - and how this mirrors Gods unconditional love for us.
The value of getting a 360 degree view, and how we can use that view to make wise decisions that benefit our future.
Taking a different perspective on Jesus feeding the 5000, and how we can find ourselves being given opportunity to bring provision to others in our world.


April 30, 2018
How the work of Jesus affected history, and how it now affects your life - how you can live in the forgiveness that Jesus has given all of us.
What happens in our lives when we get Gods breakthrough - and how we can surrender our lives to break through containment.
God's mission and desire for humanity - and how he entrusts every single one of us to take his message, identity and mission to all.

Now Is The Time

April 23, 2018
Understanding how God calls us, his church, to reach others and how we can be wholeheartedly involved in this mission.
Some of the raw ingredients that we need to grow, and what to do with them to see our lives grow!
The way that God chooses to look at our lives, and how we can adopt the same perception to increase the joy we find in all our relationships!

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