SUnday messages

Recorded live from our Sunday Services at our Toowoomba Campus

What the Heaven is Hell

October 28, 2019
If you interpret every instance of hell on one level - eternal separation from God - then it seems like God is not as much into forgiveness as much as…


October 27, 2019
The part that our health plays in setting us up for life.

What the Hell is Heaven?

October 20, 2019
How our concept of heaven can change the way we think about our everyday decisions, and looking at the concept of heaven in our present realities and not just a…

Worlds Apart

October 20, 2019
A look at if science and faith can coexist, and how we can build our faith on a foundation that can handle some of lifes biggest questions.

Celebrating Single

October 14, 2019
Debunking the myth that a relationship is the ultimate destination in life, we look at how to maximise being single!
How we can straighten out our thinking to make sure that our imagination of God does not distort the outworking of our beliefs in him.
In this episode of Set For Life we begin talking about relationships - and some key questions that help us frame the best path forward into relationships that avoids common…
Decisions that we need to make in order to push through some of the tough times in life, and how we can prepare for those seasons right now.
Why is it when God has done so many amazing things in our lives that when we hit our next challenge that we wonder where he is?
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