Can we help?


In a fast moving world, full of change and even family breakdown, it’s easy to find yourself isolated or left behind.

Life is a journey... Everyone wants to do it well... No one wants to do it alone.


New Hope is a church full of local people committed to doing the journey of life well. 


Consider this an open invitation to join us in one of our services and find encouragement, friends and community in the life of your local church.


Pastoral Assistance

Contact Ps Dean Wallace at the Church office: Phone (07) 4639 1777 or email


Practical Assistance

Crisis Care - Food parcels; Crisis accommodation & travel; Crisis support & referral service.

Computer Bank - Lend computers to disadvantaged students; Senior secondary & tertiary students; Computer support service.

Schools - Breakfast & lunch programs; Lifeskills through Shine & Strength; Student support through art, drama, excursions & youth camps; Support chaplains.

Contact New Hope Community Care for more information: Phone (07) 4639 1777 or email


Take a moment...

We always endeavour to help with every need, but we believe that ultimately Jesus Christ can help in ways people never can. You can connect directly with him right now, by recognising and then acknowledging your need of him through praying the following sincerely:

Lord Jesus, I recognise I need you in my life, I need your forgiveness. I need your strength. I don’t want to go on alone.  I invite you into my life to help me, change me, and make me the person God wants me to be. Amen

If you’ve chosen to do this, then let us help you further by giving you a bible to read and some info on following God in a simple and encouraging way... We’d love to hear from you.

Contact the Church office: Phone (07) 4639 1777 or email